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Zyxware technologies Pvt Ltd.( is a Free Software company which has been actively contributing to Free Software and offering commercial services around Free Software for individuals, enterprises and government organizations across India. To create and promote an awareness about Free Software and related freedoms in society, we have also organized Free Software campaigns like Freedom Walk across our home state of Kerala, Freedom Toaster, a kiosk to get a burned DVD of desired distribution of GNU / Linux, etc..

One of our offerings to FOSS community in India is a 'Request CD' program through which we send across CDs and DVDs of GNU / Linux distributions (and other FOSS software) to people across India on demand at a nominal charge. This service is especially useful for users who hail from remote locations in India and do not have access to high speed internet service and for those who have to pay a large amount of money for the data downloads when they have internet access.

We have added your distribution to our online shop The link is … me=NetsecL
It would be great if we could formalize our relationship by registering as a vendor on your website so that FOSS users from across India can procure the CDs/DVDs through our program. We hope for a positive response and look forward to a successful association with your esteemed organisation.

Thanking you,

Sindhu Jayakumar

Mob: +91-9446-06-9446
Ph: +91-471-4063818

Re: To register as Vendor

Sure Sindhu we can discuss this privately. Once I have a new release I will contact you right away!