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These days i'm using netsecl2.4 and found it very well made.
But i found very difficult to setup snort configuration with that firewall.
I've read all the documentation laying around the filesysem/iso/website/configfiles, but that hasn't helped too much.

I wish the important documents for this distro to be in one visible place, expecially about setting up firewall, snort, and about some tweaks that can be made to grsecuirty policy. ( imho it is only a list of some tool and features).

I can't understand, also, if firewall 2.4 files has to be applied after installation or they are already there and just to be configured.

Thank in advance for supporting.

Re: Need more documentation.

Re: Need more documentation.


thanks a lot for the reply.
Yep, i haven't seen the firewall files on your mirror are only for other distros. smile
The funny thing is that i tested that firewall (standart) on my slackware before knowing this...and works great!

Now on netsecl system i'm reading rc.advanced to know what are the differencies in policy, and packet filtering...
With rc.advanced system starded correctly with those changes you have written.

thx again for the support.

Re: Need more documentation.

I've put an FAQ in the FAQ section if you have any other questions please ask so I can put the answers there wink.