Topic: Keyboard and mouse "hold" issues on Ubuntu Linux


I play Factorio on Ubuntu Linux (16.04.2 LTS) and use the default version installed from Steam. I've been having strange keyboard issues in Factorio. If I restart my computer and launch Factorio, everything works properly. However, if my computer goes to sleep and I have to sign in again, I start to have strange issues with the keyboard and mouse in-game. What happens in this situation is: if I hold one of the movement keys (WASD), instead of running continuously, the character will run for a short distance (a few steps) and then stop. Additionally: if I select a building to place, then click, hold, and drag the mouse, only a single building is placed (instead of multiple, repeated buildings). If I restart my computer completely, "repeat" behavior works properly again.There's really very little special about my Ubuntu installation. I don't have any special accessibility options enabled (key bounce, etc.).

Any help will be apprecited.

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