Topic: :o :o :o Great Distro!!

this is my first post here.

First I would like to thank the NetSecL Team for this amazing distro.
Since 2008 i've followed the updates made to NetSecl, and i've seen you are putting in it very great tools and features.

But the things i like most in NetSecl is Hardening!
None of the actual pentesting distros are doing this. Grsecurity, recompiled pkgs and a default firewall are a very good help for hardening a disto.
Moreover this distro is based on Slackware and Xfce.....and i LOVE them.

I'm seriously thinking to use NetSecl as Default disto smile....if the packages could be updated easily.

Re: :o :o :o Great Distro!!

Hi smile,

Nice to hear that. I am currently thinking of how to make the updates possible, since you know slackware now uses other package format txz - the compression is different and I'm not sure how well slapt-get or similar program would react. Of course updating of the non graphical tools can also happen via the portage CruxPorts4Slack that is in NetSecL, but there is also some old tools in perl I wrote with a bit polishing they will work pretty good wink - and I can make them available once they work again. The time will show, let's see.