Topic: Software Center problems.


I am very very new to Linux, installed it a week ago in fact. First I am on a Dell Inspiron 1526 Notebook with straight Unaltered factory devices. After several Linux dists I settled on Zorin OS lite (It was the only one that didn’t freeze after installing.) It runs alright but I cannot open the Software Center. There are many programs on it I would Love to download but it simply will not open. I click open, normally it doesn’t do anything, sometimes it tells me it has crashed. It does not tell me why, but it asks me if I wish to send in a report, which I do. I have run the package repairs and updates as suggested by wolfman in a sticky post. If anyone has an Idea about it I would be amazingly grateful. I have no prior programming experience, didn’t even know the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit systems until now.

Please help.

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