Topic: Linux Waveform 9.1 presets resetting on playback


This is my first time posting. I looked for an answer to my issue but couldn't find any, so sincere apologies if this is a duplicate issue. I have been having an issue using an up to date Antergos Linux, a stable 4.15 kernel, Alsa, and waveform 9.1.1-1 from the Aur tracktion-waveform stable link. With some vst's, most recently dexed, all seems well when I audition and record a track. When I go to replay what I have recorded the preset has changed to a different one, always the same one regardless of which one I select. I can reselect the preset while the project is playing and it will play with the desired preset just fine. However, when I restart the track or stop it and play it again the preset has reverted to the wrong one again. I have tried saving a new preset and using that, no luck.I initially noticed this using bridged windows vst's with linvst and thought it was related to something buggy there. I have since noticed it with other plugins as mentioned. I think it may have stated when the AUR repository updated from the initial release of waveform 9 to 9.0.37.Any insight or ideas? Is this a know issue or am I possibly nooby?

Please help.

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