Topic: NetSecL 2.6

Is this version installable as a desktop, or is it only for use as live CD? Distrowatch listed it as LiveCD with no mention of desktop, but someone on another forum thinks it can be installed. If it is installable, how different is the installation process from Slackware, and which version or release of Slackware is NetSecL based on (so I can look for a Slackware instructional book).

Sorry to hear NetSecL is discontinued, but hopefully at least some will be smart enough not to let that stop them from trying it!

Re: NetSecL 2.6

Hello Vetus,

The installation process doesn't differ from Slackware installation. Yes this version is installable, we had some versions that were live cds, but they were based on OpenSuse. Regarding the version on which the distribution is based - I will check that and get back to you.


Re: NetSecL 2.6