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Building the new Linux kernel ( ) for the upcoming version of NetSecL got me into trouble with sound. So let me explain what the problem was and how to solved it.

The problem is pretty simple after you understand what is going on - having an video card with HDMI in the PCIE slot and having an integrated sound card is the same as having multiple sound cards. So to have your sound configured you first start:
alsaconfig <-- from there you choose what sound card are you going to use
After that you have to configure the sound level for the appropriate device (example see below):
alsamixer -D hw:1 <-- after finishing this do not forget to store (alsactl store) the volume level or next time you boot you have to adjust the volume again
Finally adjust gmplayer and go to Audio>oss>Configure driver>Device:>/dev/dsp1

Hopefully this helps to others,

Re: Sound not Working/Multiple Soundcards

This post is suspicious to me because my NetSecL 3.2 did not come with any ALSA or PulseAudio packages installed; I'm assuming I need at least ALSA. I can not install PulseAudio Volume Control package due to the custom (i.e. I'm saying it's custom because it is a higher version of the package than is available through the Software Center) libc++47. I think the only package of ALSA and PulseAudio that I need to install left, in order for my sound to work, is PulseAudio Volume Control. Help would be appreciated  yikes .

Re: Sound not Working/Multiple Soundcards


and welcome to our forum - sound should work fine actually try with alsaconf and alsamixer from comand line - most probably the volume is just down.